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Submit a Support Request

Here are some examples how to write support ticket in short form

1. After sending money to our bKash Account / DBBL Mobile Bank write as below
i have sent 8976 Taka via bKash from 01866287223 to 01670029072

2. if you want to buy dollar, then write ticket as below
Plz Send $100 USD (F&F) to my PayPal ID: my.paypal.id@gmail.com

3. After sending dollar to our PayPal / Neteller / Skrill acc, submit ticket as below
i have sent $100 USD to your PayPal ID: paypal.id@gmail.com Sent from: Zakir Mridha (my.paypal.id@gmail.com)

4. if you want to pay online, then write as below
Plz pay $100 USD at eBay.com
Link: http://eBay.com
User: yourUsername
Pass: yourPassword
**Product is added into my shopping cart

5. After forwarding any email / invoice to our email
Plz pay $100 USD for Journal. i have sent you the invoice at your email

6. if you want to withdraw money from your PaymentBD account via bKash, then write below
Plz send 7450 Taka to My bKash acc: 01866287223 (Personal Acc)

7. if you want to withdraw money from your PaymentBD account via Bank Account?
Plz deposit 7450 Taka into My bank account

Acc Name: Payment BD
Acc No:
DBBL, Elephant Road Branch

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