Can I open a verified paypal account in Bangladesh?


Can I open a verified paypal account in Bangladesh?

This is a common question in Bangladesh. Specially who works online and who earn money online.

But the answer is big NO. You can not even open a PayPal account in Bangladesh. Many people call us and asks if we can provide verified paypal account here in Bangladesh or some how if we can give paypal account.

Sorry, we do not provide any paypal account. We only help people to make paypal payments through our verified paypal accounts. You will not be able to make PayPal Transactions yourself. You have to submit support tickets every time and we will make payments using our PayPal Balance.

Some people call us and requests to help them to unlock suspended paypal accounts. We also can not help to unlock paypal accounts. You have to follow all procedures of PayPal to activate your Pay Pal acc. We are not the branch of PayPal in Bangladesh. It is right that one of our website name is: PayPal BD. But that does not means that we are the partner / Authority of PayPal in Bangladesh. We already changed our Business name to: Payment BD so that no one become confused about PayPal and PaymentBD.com. We also provide service related Skrill, Neteller, Perfect Money, Master Card Payments. So PaymentBD is the more appropriate name for us / our Business.

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