Sell / Buy WebMoney / WMZ Balance - US Dollar from Bangladesh


WebMoney / WMZ is the second popular online payment solution in Bangladesh (First one is: PayPal). WebMoney / WMZ is used in several popular websites in the world including Forex Trading Broker Sites. You can open a WebMoney / WMZ account from Bangladesh (Which is not possible for PayPal). You can also verify your WebMoney / WMZ account by submitting your Bangladeshi documents. So, if you have a verified account then you may need WebMoney / WMZ Balance / Dollar / Fund. It is not possible to deposit fund / balance / dollar into a WebMoney / WMZ account from Bangladesh.

You can buy WebMoney / WMZ account balance / fund / dollar / USD from Us very easily. Just pay necessary money (including our service charges) and submit support ticket at our website with your payment instruction (Your WebMoney / WMZ ID / Account Email Address). We will send balance to your WebMoney / WMZ account.

Currency Rate, 1 USD = 87 Taka + our Service Charge**

**Service charge depends on your account type / membership type at our web site.

If you have a Personal Account, then the service charge will be: 10%
If you have a Premier Account, then the service charge will be: 8%
If you have a Business Account, then the service charge will be: 5%

In all situation, our minimum service charge is: 300 Taka

Please submit a support ticket after deposit money at our bank account / bKash / DBBL Mobile Bank..

Ask bank to tell you their Deposit Code / Transaction ID. Mention that Deposit Code / Transaction ID at our description field.