Buy Hosting, Server, VPS, Reseller hosting from hostGator.com and Pay via PaymentBD.com in Bangladesh


HostGator.com is the leading company in Web Hosting World. They are providing best service since last 10/15 years without any bad reputation. Most of the web hosting companies in Bangladesh use web server of HostGator / SoftLayer data Center.

Buy Hosting, Server, VPS, Reseller hosting from hostGator.com and Pay via PaymentBD.com in Bangladesh

If you want to start your own web hosting company in Bangladesh and want to earn money then we are here to assist you. Just buy Reseller Hosting from host Gator and start your own hosting company.

If you already have an account at HostGator, then you can pay your yearly / monthly fee via PayPalBD.com. Just deposit necessary money at our Bank Account or Send money to our bKash accounts or Pay cash at our office and then submit support ticket at our website. Mention your hostgator billing account credential, we will make your payment via our PayPal account.

If you are not a reseller or you do not want to resell hosting, then you can buy shared hosting from Host Gator. They offer very attractive packages with low price.

If you have any billing account at Hostgator, then it is simple. We will be able to pay from your own billing account. Otherwise we have to pay from our own billing account. In that case you have to come to us to renew hosting packages. This is because HostGator does not allow to create multiple billing account under one PayPal account. But We can pay for any existing billing accounts from one PayPal account.

Please visit our website home page, there is a cost calculator. Just enter your total amount and you will get the exact amount which is needed to make any payment.

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