Buy PayPal Balance / PayPal Dollar / USD / GBP / Euro from Bangladesh


PayPal is the most popular online payment solution in the world. PayPal is used in several popular websites in the world including eBay, Skype, Godaddy.com, HostGator, iPage etc Sites. You can open PayPal account from Bangladesh. But you can not verify your PayPal account from Bangladesh. You must link a Credit Card / Foreign Bank Account with your PayPal account to verify your PayPal account. So, if you have a verified PayPal account then you may need PayPal Balance / Dollar / Fund. It is not possible to deposit fund / balance / dollar into a PayPal account from Bangladesh.

You can buy PayPal account balance / fund / dollar / USD from us very easily. Just pay necessary money (including our service charges) and submit support ticket at our website with your payment instruction (Your PayPal ID / Account Email Address). We will send balance to your PayPal account.

Currency Rate, 1 USD = 86 Taka + our Service Charge**

**Service charge depends on your account type / membership type at our web site.

If you have a Personal Account, then the service charge will be: 10%
If you have a Premier Account, then the service charge will be: 8%
If you have a Business Account, then the service charge will be: 5%

In all situation, our minimum service charge is: 300 Taka

Please submit a support ticket after deposit money at our bank account / bKash / DBBL Mobile Bank..

Ask bank to tell you their Deposit Code / Transaction ID. Mention that Deposit Code / Transaction ID at our description field.

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