Learn: How To Earn Money Online (Free Workshop) at PaymentBD Office


Do you want to work online and earn some extra money? PaymentBD.com always inspire people to Earn Money online by working at home / internet.

PaymentBD.com is providing service since last eight years with good reputation and we have thousands of clients who is earning money from online regularly. Thats why we know the best ways to earn money online.

There are many ways to earn online. Most of you may already know the ways. There are also many coaching centres who are running training courses on online earnings. Millions of students go to those coaching centres / training centres every month But 99.99% of them can not earn money after completing courses.

This is not the fault of training centres because online earning depends on many many things. On Your Tallent, Hard Work, Patiense, Skill, Investments, Attraction / addiction about your work etc etc etc

On the other hand we all want to earn money very easily, something like PTC (just clicking on mouse and earning huge dollars) or by doing facebooking or something very easy to do. That is why 99.99% of the students can not earn any money after completing training courses.

Everyday many people request us to open such training courses. Previously we started courses, many student attended but very few of those students could earn some real money. Thats why we stopped training courses. But still now people are requesting for training courses. Because they believe us and we always proud for their believe.

This time we are not making the same old mistakes. We are not opening training courses on "How To Earn Online". Instead we are opening practical training courses to develop your skills so that you can earn money not only online but also offline / office / home.

Beside these skill developing paid courses, we are arranging some special free / paid workshops on some particular important topics. At this event we will teach basics about popular ways to "Earn Online" and additionally we will also teach "How To Earn Money by Doing Online Business" in Details. These ways are comparatively easy and people of average skill can earn money. Dont worry, we will not tell you to invest money like "Destiny" / "Dolancer" / "Forex" etc.

We will teach "How To Start Domain / Hosting Business" and "How To Start E-Commerce Business" in details with good side / bad side, important things to do, and off-course we will teach "Practically" so that you can start to "Earn Money Easily" by doing some regular official works without implementing high level skill / extra curriculum activities / heavy talents.

And off-course we will also discuss about main ways to "How To Earn Online" But these topics will not be discussed in details. We will organize separate workshop / training courses on each of those topics to teach Practically.

Workshop Topics:
Google Adsense
Amazon Affiliate Marketing
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Article Writing
Logo Design
Template Design
Data Entry
How to work at UpWork
How to work Fiverr
How to start Domain / Hosting Business
How to start E-Commerce Business

Workshop Fee:
Free - No Deligate Fee

Workshop Venue:
Shahera Tropical Centre (Suite No: 11, Floor: 9)
218 Elephant Road, Bata Signal, Dhaka - 1205
Phone: 9635034, 01616300016, 01977555033

Please contact us to confirm your seat because the number of seat is limited + we are planning to keep some gift items. So, you must register your name before the workshop.